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Owned and Operated by CEO Antonio Shaw, centrally located at 4 East Bloomsbury
Avenue, off Hagley Park Road Kingston 10, Bes 100 Fm was launched on air island-
wide in 2006 and has been dubbed a family station catering to the young at heart
and the elderly
Bes100 FM reach covers the entire island-wide transmission and coverage, an
expansive dynamic entertainment offering - new shows, new personalities, and new
selectors, the NEW trailblazing Bes FM can be simultaneously heard, felt, and
watched locally/internationally via the station's own streaming
platform, TuneIn, Youtube, Twitch &  several other social media
Bes100FM is now positioned as the premier family and entertainment station
catering to a wider demographic, Bes has varying amazing programmes including;
Culture, Reggae Talk, Healthy Lifestyle, and more
Bes100FM has a steady flow of Advertisers and listeners, however, the high volume
of listenership gathered has shown the strongest audience to be between 18 and 70
years old across the island.

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Bes100FM is a leading provider of air time and advertising, our experience in
successful partnerships with Corporate Jamaica means that we understand the
challenges faced daily in business and we strive to deliver products and services that
will aid in reaching objectives.
Bes 100 FM can be heard on the 100 bands 100.1,100.3,100.5,100.7 and 100,9
With a one hundred percent Island-wide coverage


- Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine & Clarendon 100.5 / 100.9
- Manchester, Clarendon, St. Elizabeth 100.1 / 100.5
- St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Hanover 100.1 / 100.5
- St. James, Trelawny, St. Ann 100.9 / 100.3
 St. Thomas 100.9

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